Arabic writing above door

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Arabic language

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Hejazi Arabic

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Moroccan Arabic language or Moroccan Darija (الدارجة, [ddæɾiʒæ] in Morocco) is a member of the Maghrebi Arabic language continuum spoken in is mutually intelligible to some extent with Algerian Arabic language and to a lesser extent with Tunisian Arabic has been heavily influenced mainly by the Berber languages and to a lesser extent by Latin (African Romance.

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Watch video · Ms Boag said her property was targeted because of the Arabic writing above the door - which translates to 'mashallah', a pleasant sentiment - that had been installed by the previous Pakistani.

A brief note on Islamic architecture and its relevance to Qatar. Research and discussions with those with expertise in Islamic architecture suggest a variety of ways in which this area of the built infrastructure might be best considered and defined. Mar 15,  · If you want to ask a question or post a response you need to be a member.

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Arabic writing above door
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