Has globalization transformed international politics

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Global Politics

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Globalization & International relations

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Has Globalization transformed International Politics? Introduction A wide debate on how globalization affects global governance has taken place during the last years. Globalists and sceptics have argued about the transformations going on, their nature and importance.

Globalization is eroding the central role of the state, highlighting the growing interdependence of international society. Nowadays, no state alone is capable of responding effectively to current transnational challenges, such as climate change, epidemics or security.

More recent efforts at measuring globalization were built on the conceptualisation by Keohane and Nye () of three different relevant dimensions of globalization: (1) economic: long distance flows of goods, capital and services as well as information and perceptions that accompany market exchanges, (2) political: the diffusion of government policies internationally, and (3) social: the spread of ideas.

How has international politics been transformed into global politics? What have been the implications of globalization for world politics? How do mainstream approaches to global politics .

Has globalization transformed international politics
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Global Politics first edition by Andrew Heywood | Chapter notes