Science fiction writing awards

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South Asian Authors Nominated For Science-Fiction & Fantasy Writing Awards

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World Fantasy awards pressed to drop HP Lovecraft trophy in racism row

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List of science fiction and fantasy literary awards

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2017 Rules & Eligibility

The Dell Magazines Award Award for Undergraduate Excellence in Science Fiction and Fantasy Writing is an award given annually to the best short-story written in the science fiction or fantasy genres by a full-time undergraduate college student.

Campbell Conference - "The Posthuman and Science Fiction" - is a wrap! Many special scholar and author guests, including this year's Sturgeon and Campbell Award winners, joined us to celebrate SF in Lawrence, KS, June Kij Johnson and Chris McKitterick taught a speculative-fiction writing Masterclass in Houston, TX, January In The Worldshapers, Edward Willett, himself an award-winning writer of science fiction and fantasy, delves into the creative process with science fiction and fantasy writers of every kind, seeking to better understand this magical, mystical skill the skill of worldshaping.

Three years ago, N.K. Jemisin was the first black writer to win one of science fiction’s most prestigious prizes, the Hugo for best novel. Then last year, she won it again. Dan Simmons Carrion Comfort, Hyperion, The Fall of Hyperion Dan Simmons is an American science fiction and horror writer and author of the Hugo Award-winning science fiction series, the Hyperion Cantos, and the Locus-winning Ilium/Olympos cycle.

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(July ) (Learn how and when to remove this template message) This is a list of science fiction and fantasy awards for literature.

Science fiction writing awards
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