Simplex big m method

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Simplex algorithm

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Big M method

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Big M Simplex Method

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Big M method

The big M-method is an alternative method, if you have $\geq$-constraints-as you said. But if you have $\geq$-constraints you can also apply the simplex method.


Big M Method : Linear Programming

FOR MORE OPERATIONS RESEARCH CALCULATORS & APPLETS SEE LINEAR & NONLINEAR PROGRAMMING INCLUDING THE SIMPLEX METHOD Operations Research Undergraduate Courses, Textbooks, Lectures, etc. Big M for a max (min) Linear Programming problem: Solve the LP by simplex.

If at opt all a i = 0, we got the optimal solution for the original LP. Otherwise (some a i > 0 at opt) the original LP is infeasible. 1. min z = 2x1 +3x2 2 phase method for a Linear Programming problem.

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Simplex big m method
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Linear Programming: Simplex Method