Write ahead transaction log not truncated

SQL Server Transaction Log Architecture and Management Guide

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When A Log Backup Does Not Truncate Your SQL Server Log Files In An Availability Group

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Exchange 2010 FAQ: Why is My Disk Filling Up with Log Files?

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The exact deleted values are not logged in the transaction log, only the IDs of the pages that held the truncated records are logged. These pages are marked for overwriting in the database data file and the truncated data will be gone for good when the new transactions are written to these pages.

Exchange 2010 FAQ: Why is My Disk Filling Up with Log Files?

Write-Ahead Logging This is why the write-ahead log implementation will not work on a network filesystem. The WAL file will be checkpointed once the write transaction completes (assuming there are no other readers blocking it) but in the meantime, the file can grow very big.

A transaction is a sequence of operations performed as a single logical unit of work.

SQL Server Transaction Log Architecture and Management

A logical unit of work must exhibit four properties, called the atomicity, consistency, isolation, and durability (ACID) properties, to qualify as a transaction. Sep 06,  · Write Ahead Logging- Transaction Log.

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SQL Server > Getting started with SQL Server. In simple terms SQl server transaction log stores information about a committed and uncommitted abrasiverock.com transaction commits transaction log is informed/has information about that, if it is rolled back manually or SQL server rolls it back.

Write ahead transaction log not truncated
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